Hi, I'm in love with my best friend❤️. July 23, 2013💋


Hairdresser: do you like it?
Me: yes thank you

*goes home and cries*

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The nights I will never forget on the days I know they will never happen again; MV (via passionateeuphoria)

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3 AM
And all I wanna do is lie next to you
With your head resting on my chests, & my hands wrapped around your waist as you slowly fall asleep.
I want the scent of your hair to be the only thing that lingers in the air I breathe,
And the warmth of your body to be the only thing I feel as I try to grasp the magnificence of your beauty as you lie next to me.
And I want to pull you in closer when too close doesn’t seem to be close enough.
And on that next morning, I want to wake you up with kisses that will stay on my lips for the rest of the day
Until the next night when we can do it all over again.

Eve per episode: 4.02 “Massacres and Matinees

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There are three things that scare me: the future, myself, and you.
Anonymous asked: you look just like me!



i know right


when u mom ask why you came back to the kitchen after already eating


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We were all alone in the beginning. But after meeting Usagi, we all became precious friends. When times are tough, we support each other. That’s what friends do, isn’t it?

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Don´t do this to me Minako! Will this boring Shitennou X Senshi shit ever end?

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